Jason Mesches is an actor, musician and third thing from the great state of New Jersey. Currently known for his appearances on CBS' The Big Bang Theory and Two & A Half Men, he also is a member of the popular children's band The Beat Buds and a has released an album of original Jewish children's music. 


Jason Mesches has performed and worked in a bunch of places.

Jason studied theatre at Syracuse University and at Shakespeare's Globe in London. He plays jazz piano and guitar professionally and was recently commissioned by the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust to write an original piece for guest of honor Marilyn Ziering. He interned at and is one hell of a roller blader. 

There is much more to Jason than his well shaped bald head and fantastically maintained beard, but to tell you on this page would be to rob you of enjoying an afternoon with him at his home in Santa Monica, CA where he now lives with his cool wife, Kaelin, and collection of New York Rangers jerseys.